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Annual Conference Boston Program Taking Shape Around Community Interface Theme 

To most cities in which they are located, Centres aren’t just event facilities – they are  focal points for some of the most important activities taking place in their respective communities, and a driver for many of the interactions that will shape the direction that the local economy takes as it evolves into a future that requires a very different mix of skills and priorities from those that shaped the economies of the past. This has always been an important role – but as cities increasingly assume a position of the most important units in the overall economic equation, it is one that is becoming absolutely critical.

This year’s AIPC Annual Conference theme and program are built around an intense look at the convention centre – economic policy interface, with a range of sessions that will explore how centres can work even more effectively with their respective owners and communities to realize the potential for growing business in ways that make them an ever-more critical part of the local economic equation, and to be better recognized for that contribution. Included in session topics will be:

  • The Role of Convention Centres as Instruments of City Development and Transition: With cities further evolving into a role as the primary units of economic and political power, the importance of the role played by convention centres as vehicles to position and facilitate transition becomes ever more important. Understanding how these processes work can facilitate a more productive interface between all the players.
  • Brand Redevelopment: How Do We Respond to the New Agenda? While destination attractions remain a factor in the event location equation other qualities need to be featured to support the “serious business” image. Where and how do we strike a balance?
  • Industry Progress and New Tools for Advocacy: Advocacy needs measures and actions along with messaging. What’s the status of our progress and what are some of the latest vehicles that can and are being used for this purpose?
  • Safety and Security Revisited: Ten years ago global terrorism was fuelling the security discussion but recent issues have expanded to include home-grown terrorism and health disruptions like pandemics. This session will illustrate how centres dealing with these issues have adjusted their plans and procedures and how to interface most effectively with the local community.
  • Crossover Challenges: New Issues Impacting Global Travel: New Issues are emerging that represent overall challenges for all aspects of the travel equation. What are they and how can we collaborate on responses?

Our program will continue to evolve in the face of rapidly changing events to ensure the content responds to the various latest conditions and issues.

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